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Financial Matters provides financial literacy education and coaching to move people to actions with their finances. We offer tailored workshops, customized plans and one on one coaching on a variety of topics such as budgeting, saving, investing, credit and debt management, etc. Our vision is to provide all individuals with financial knowledge and tools to assist them in successful money management practices.

We Offer

Financial Coaching

We provide a one-on-one virtual coaching session over the phone, or computer to start working on plans and action steps.


Customized Budget &

Spending Plan

We will create a customized budget and spending plan based on your financial situation/goals etc.

Debt Management &

Credit Planning

We will create a customized Debt Management and Credit plan based on your financial situation/goals etc.

When your mindset changes, so will your money. Let us help you get started. 


Debt Free & Lovin' It!!

In 2019, Shatisha dedicated the year focusing on her Financial Goals. She paid off $26k in debt in 12 months and started 2020 Debt Free. Learn more about our founder and start your debt-free journey with Financial Matters. 


“I am one of the women who attended the event you hosted last night, and who asked you about your rates on your way out. You were PHENOMENAL and just the push I needed to start my journey toward taking my finances a little more seriously.”

—  Bria Jojo Lewis   —

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